October 4, 2011

Read My Lips: More Blog Posts

John Stewart recently surmised on his most respected Daily Show, in reference to Sarah Palin's ongoing flirtatious antics, that "you can have a colorful bus, and drive to early primary states, or you can go around telling people what you would do if you were President, but when you put those two together there's really only two possibilities. You are either running for President of the United States, or you are a crazy person."

That got me thinking again about one potential use for this blog. Given that I have no intentions of taking a bus tour or any other form of road trip, it follows that I could safely annotate my hypothetical Presidential bid and/or administration without the risk of coming across as a crazy person. In theory, anyway.

It seems, then, that I may begin writing as if I were in fact running for or holding office to prime the discussion ahead of an entirely not real political gambit. Much like the cunning Locke and Demosthenes of Ender's Game, enlightening the world with my intellectual prowess in order to eventually dominate. Because we all know that's how politics on the Internet works.

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