October 27, 2013

Beep Boop... We're Live

For those of you still with us, you'll see that my blog has reverted to my original domain: WildWeazel.net!

Yes, I have relapsed to my old moniker, which I've claimed for about a decade now. Somewhere in the past couple of years among a relationship-turned-marriage, the start of a career, a move, and a few new pastimes, I completely set blogging aside. Now I've found that itch for a creative outlet again, and I realized that "Debugging Life" just wasn't cutting it. WildWeazel is who I am.

This is the same blog as before; I was happier with the way it was going than the original WildWeazel that still exists, but I missed my old eponymous domain and the personal, zero-expectations attitude that comes along with it. So I renewed the name, dusted off the About page, and picked up right where I left off.

I've been getting back into writing lately, or at least an active interest in it, so that will be one thing to share. Otherwise I'm pretty much continuing with the trend I kicked off in this blog's first post - general thoughts and insight that catch my interest, and some nerd indulgence.

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